Love and Friendship

Single people are most concerned about finding love, or at least sex, but all people need friends.  Whether it is for love or friendship, there is advanced social technology which could be applied to make it easy for everyone to find what they need.  Right now there are some poor dating services which use a kind of social technology, but don’t work very well.  If they work at all it is because people sufficiently motivated to pay for them are grateful when they do find someone and less than critical of the result, perhaps blaming themselves it it doesn’t work out.

Much better services are possible.  Please see my relationships website for more information.  It is important that the size of the pool of potential candidates be as large as possible.  The level of compatibility that is likely to be achieved is utterly dependent on how many possible relationships could exist.  For that reason, I believe the matching services should be free to all and supported by advertising, as are Google and Facebook.  Indeed, these services could be offered by Google or Facebook.

The purpose of this website, as many of my others, is to change the world.  In this case it is to change it one person at a time by making it easy to find the love and friendship we all need.  Note that the same software could and should be used for finding jobs, and other important aspects of one’s social environment.  We should each have a mentor, for example, and it would be best if we each acted as the mentor for some other person.